10 of The Best Part-Time Jobs

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Here are 10 of the best part jobs for over 50 year olds to consider. From consulting roles to retail jobs, we have you covered. Check out these part time jobs and find the ideal profession for you.


Part-time jobs are highly sought after for various reasons, especially later in life or when thinking about designing your “unretirement”. Perhaps you’re craving more free time to explore your hobbies? Maybe you want to top up your pension? Perhaps you have multiple professional interests that you want to explore simultaneously?

Part-time jobs are appealing and convenient — so, what flexible roles are actually out there that you could look in? We’ve compiled our pick of the 10 best part-time jobs that might be perfect for you.

10 of the Best Part-Time and Flexible Jobs Worth Considering

1. Driving Jobs

It has never been easier to earn money chauffeuring people from A to B. You simply sign up on an app such as Uber or Bolt and, hey presto, an endless supply of clientele will become readily available.

Rideshare driving is a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. And the best part? You are completely in charge of the hours you work.

If you have a car and a licence, then this may be a worthy part-time job candidate for your consideration.

Estimated hourly rate: £15

2. Dog Walking Jobs

Are you an animal lover looking for a part-time job with plenty of four-legged company? Then look no further. Dog walking is an excellent part-time job which allows you to work outdoors whilst also helping your community.

Estimated hourly rate: £12 - £25

3. Consulting Roles

Consulting is an excellent career path for retired professionals. If you have spent many years in a corporate role and gaining knowledge and experience, then your expertise may be invaluable to other companies.

Businesses often employ part-time consultants to provide them with specialist knowledge and will readily pay for your services.

You can start building your client base today with sites such as Guru and Upwork!

Estimated hourly rate: pay varies between sectors, with some consultants charging in excess of £100 per hour.

4. Turning Your Current Role into a Part-Time Job

Cutting back on the hours is something you may have already considered but it is worth mentioning just in case! You already know what you’re doing and the role’s expectations of the role (we hope!) and so cutting back to part-time is a relatively comfortable and safe bet.

If this is an option that interests you then it is worth reviewing your contract and your company’s handbook to see what policies your employers have regarding part-time jobs. Also consider making a proposal as to how the company will operate without your full-time input: perhaps you could job-share with someone else?

Chatting this possibility through with your employer could save you a lot of time and stress, instead of starting a new job from scratch.

Estimated hourly rate: a percentage of whatever you are earning now

5. Fitness Instructor Jobs

If you’re in good shape and regularly exercise, then it’s never too late to become a part-time fitness instructor! It is becoming increasingly common for people in their 50s and 60s to retrain as fitness instructors. Teach spin classes or even become a full on personal trainer: the world is your oyster.

Companies such as move it or lose it offer brilliant, age-inclusive courses which train you to be a fearless, qualified fitness instructor.

Estimated hourly rate: £10 - £25

6. Retail Jobs

Retail jobs come in all shapes and sizes: from stacking shelves in a supermarket to folding clothes in a shop. This is an excellent part time job for retirees looking to top up their pension and stay integrated with the community. You also get to enjoy the perks of staff discount too! If you have good customer service and a friendly manner, then a part-time job in retail might be for you.

Estimated hourly rate: from £10

7. Charity Fundraiser Roles

It goes without saying that charity work is immensely rewarding. Working as a paid, part-time charity fundraiser is a win-win: you’re helping the world whilst also earning money!

As a freelance, part-time fundraiser, you would be in charge of the organisation of events and schemes to encourage donations to a particular cause. If you have good organisation skills and experience in event management, then this is a great part-time job to pursue.

Estimated hourly rate: £12 - £16; (some organisations offer up to £250 per day)

8. Gardening Jobs

Calling all green-fingered creatives! If you are passionate about gardening and take pride in the arrangement of your flowerbed, then why not make it into a part-time job? Either become a freelance gardener or secure a part-time position with a company. You will be working in the fresh air all day doing what you love.

Estimated hourly rate: £12

9. Teaching Jobs

If you have mastered a skill or become a formidable hobbyist, then why not get a part-time teaching job? You may be a musical maestro or a budding tennis savant. Whatever your skill, it is probably teachable. There is a world full of students just waiting for your worldly wisdom and a multitude of ways you can teach them.

You could sign up to an online tutoring platform such as MyTutor and become an academic fount of knowledge. You may want to teach someone a musical instrument: why not designate the spare room as a studio and begin training the next generation of musical prodigies? Perhaps you are a football enthusiast who could coach the local team?

There are endless part-time teaching jobs (both freelance and otherwise) that give you flexibility whilst teaching the things you love.

Estimated hourly rate: £20 - £60

10. Care Home Assistant Roles

There are few things as rewarding as caring for those in need. If you are kind, compassionate and have a good bedside-manner, then why not benefit others and become a Care Home Assistant. You would be providing emotional and physical support to individuals who are vulnerable and frail. Many care home jobs have flexible hours that work to suit your schedule.

This is a part-time job where you can really make a difference to somebody’s life.

Estimated hourly rate: £10 - £15