The 7 Best Ideas for Part-Time Work From Home Jobs

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If you’re looking for a change of pace from the usual humdrum of working life, then look no further. This is our list of the best part time work from home jobs. These jobs give you the freedom to earn money wherever suits you. They may be the ideal way for you to transition into your retirement.


Looking for ideas for part time work from home jobs? Well, you are in luck! Since the pandemic reared its ugly head, the number of remote part time jobs has skyrocketed. There are now tons of part time work from home jobs that suit your every requirement.

It is time to seize the day and cut back on your working hours. Part time work from home jobs are attractive on several levels. Whether you are topping up your pension, looking for a side-hustle or simply craving more flexible hours, we have you covered.

So, what sort of jobs are out there that allow you to work flexible hours from the comfort of your own bed? It almost seems too good to be true. Fortunately, such jobs do exist! Read on as we count down our pick of the 7 best part time work from home jobs.

1. Tutoring

There are few part time work from home jobs that tick more boxes than tutoring. With companies such as My Tutor and Tutorful, you would take on the noble and fulfilling task of education, passing on your expertise to help another person flourish. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your house.

When once tutoring was a maze of student addresses and cafe meet-ups, video-calling has transformed the industry into a lean, mean, educational machine. You can now teach students wherever and whenever you want.

The hours are unbelievably flexible and the pay is extremely competitive. If you have worldly wisdom to share in a particular subject area, then this might be the ideal part time job for you.

2. House Sitting

Possibly one of the jammiest part-time work from home jobs of the lot. Admittedly, you wouldn’t be working from your own home, but this still feels like a fool-proof choice.

The job entails looking after a house whilst the owners are away; you’d handle cleaning, looking after pets and other general household tasks that you’d probably be doing at your own house anyway! You could even have another part time work from home job at the same time to double your money!

Simply sign up on verified sites such as ‘housesittersuk’ and start raking in the money.

3. Small Business Owner

Do you have a hobby or skill that could potentially make you some money? Are you a talented baker, artist or gardener? Are you so passionate about something that you have mastered your craft? Then you should seriously consider becoming a small business owner. You would be your own boss, in charge of your own hours and no one would ever tell you off for being late!

In truth, such a venture is certainly not easy and it will take time and effort to build a successful business. There are many considerations before embarking on this brave and exciting mission: for further information, read an expert's advice on this topic here. However, if you genuinely believe that you could make it work, then take the leap!

4. Copy Editor or Proof-reader

If you fancy yourself as a keen writer or a self-proclaimed grammatical savant, then perhaps this next job is for you. As a freelance copy editor or proof-reader, you would be making sure articles are in tip top shape before they are published. If you are a passionate wordsmith, then you could be earning a competitive salary with flexible hours that suit you.

Written content is an integral part to most businesses and so there are always copy editor and proof-reader jobs knocking around. If this sounds up your street, then get editing and earning now!

5. Rent Out Your Home

A smart way to generate some extra income with minimal effort is through renting out your home. A house is one of the most useful and valuable assets an individual has so why not use it? There are several ways you can do this. For example, if you have a spare room that then you could consider renting it out to a student (there are usually plenty knocking around in UK cities!).

Alternatively, if you go away on holiday then you could rent the whole house using companies such as Airbnb. You could even rent out your house short term to a television or film company to use your house as a set.

This extra, effortless income could either facilitate a shift from full time work to part time work or could just act as a bit of passive income on the side of another job. So simple, it’s genius.

6. Childcare

If you are looking for a part time work from home job and enjoy being around children, then childcare is a great option. You must be open to working flexible hours including evenings and weekends but there are very few part time jobs more rewarding than building a strong relationship with a child.

7. Admin

To complete the list, we turn to a broad but invaluable area of work. Part time work from home jobs for administrative assistants are abundant and attractive on numerous levels: pay, hours and general work satisfaction. Administrative assistants are responsible for completing various clerical tasks and are an integral part to the running of any team.

Historically, these roles required you to leave your home; nowadays, you don’t even have to leave your bed to administratively contribute to a given company: definitely a job worth considering!